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passion for business & IT management

hybrid CIO, business & IT projects officer, PMP & entrepeneur

PMP certified

since 2014

IT Manager

since 2005


since 2015

Almost ready for this new adventure!

Technology is already present in almost everything and, in a few years, any sector, company or person will have it in its core. So I'm going to start with my own space on the internet to share the knowledge and experience that I have acquired in my almost 20 years of professional career in IT.
Of course, this time, in my own way;)


I am working on some more ideas that I had in mind for a long time but that I could never develop. So I will start with my own web site, that it is almost ready. Meanwhile, I have prepared this little landing page with some clues about my new adventure as an entrepreneur.

Do you dare to read a little more?

I am a hybrid CIO

hybrid (adj.): formed or composed of heterogeneous elements

I thought that this made me 'undefined' and it's just the opposite because I have a unique vision of the entire enterprise ecosystem:


EMBA & Degree in Business Management and Administration

+ 18 years of working experience in several companies & ecosystems


Studies of Technical Engineering in Computer Management

Integral knowlegde of the ICT area and its related participants


Master in Project Management
PMP & Scrum Master

+500 projects successfully launched including non-IT and corporate

My business-minded IT profile has allowed me to understand both worlds better to give good results to companies.


+ 90 professionals

successfully managed from 4 different companies and more than 25 suppliers (before initiating optimization policies)


15%-25% savings

of it costs to affiliates in the first year with the
preparation and execution of a global it plan for 4 companies in the same group


+/- 3.5% compliance

margin of the it budget maintained from 2015 and improvement of the balance between capex / opex optimizing asset management and budgetary control


0 security incidents

absorption of the corporate compliance function and control of the main it risks of the company, from 2 to 4 incidents per year, to 0 in the last year and a half


New business

development of software solutions/products for commercialization and monetization in the national and international market


P&L impact

using technology as the driving force to take advantage of new opportunities and business models

Everything you have read above about me, has given me the gift of "ubiquity", and I love it.
The more I collaborate with other professionals the more I learn from them and that is priceless for a restless mind like mine.

My sense of ubiquity

Technology is a key driving force in every business market today.
That is the reason why there has never been a better time to be a technology leader.

1. Vision & Knowledge

To promote the transformation of the business

Driving business innovation, top-line growth and process efficiency for competitive advantage through technology

2. Experience & Best Practices

To give adaptability, reliability and agility to companies

Extending to the organizations the best practices learned by IT teams & Tech organizations over the last years for being adaptable to the environment changes

3. Challenges & Opportunities

To be in constant evolution

Change is the constant for anyone in technology today, so it is crucial to have a restless mind and an open attitude to be up to date

sandrahp portrait

I feel lucky because there has never been a better time for my profession, so I will try to take advantage of it to build my own path sharing my passion with whoever wants to listen to me (or read!).

Nowadays, Business, Live & Technology are all in one. So, if you're still here and you see it just like me ...

Welcome to the TechnALLogy era!


Inveterate TechnALLogist ;)

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